Cube Capital - Investor Relations

Cube Capital - Investor relations

Peregrine worked with Cube Capital to ensure the investment case and priorities were communicated to their investors across all channels.

Peregrine also advised Cube on the development of their messaging around their performance and outlook, across the full suite of results materials.


To identify existing perceptions among employees and relevant investor audiences and extract and formulate Cube’s DNA and key messages.

To strategically manage Cube Capital’s communications efforts and position the firm in the institutional media space in Europe and US.

To communicate the “edge” of Cube’s fund of hedge funds, event-driven hedge fund and real estate fund.

Key Activities

Internal (employees) and external (investors and third-party marketing) perception research.

Corporate and CEO profiles aimed at explaining Cube’s investment philosophy and edge.

Fund specific campaigns, ranging from fund launch announcements through to fund profiles and Q&A’s, positioned Cube’s products among institutional and other sophisticated investors.

Contributed articles on both industry-wide and product-specific topics.


Extensive oral presentation and consultation to key executives following perception research.

Several CEO and corporate profiles in relevant investor-facing publications.

Numerous contributed articles and fund launch announcements in leading institutional publications such as FTfm, IPE, Institutional Investor, Barron’s, and Pensions & Investments.


"Peregrine has worked with us in a proactive and collaborative manner to improve all aspects of our public relations efforts. We are continually impressed by the quality of the client service which Peregrine delivers. They have been integral in our efforts to develop effective messaging for our target audience as well as providing us with regular opportunities to communicate to the media. They have a grasp on what is going on in the investment industry and provide valuable feedback and insights on our programs. We view Peregrine as an extension of our marketing team."

Francois Buclez
CIO, CEO & Founding Partner
Cube Capital