Mercury Capital Advisors Social Media Case Study

Mercury Capital Advisors Social Media Case Study

Mercury Capital Advisors commissioned Peregrine to grow the following and engagement of their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


To create a social media strategy and develop the right messaging for a target online audience.

Increase the client’s social media presence and promote Mercury’s content to its target audience.

Drive traffic from Mercury’s social media, to the firm’s website.

Create content that would be of interest to Mercury’s target audience of institutional investors, RIAs, family offices, aggregators, independent broker dealers, and other wealth advisers.



Peregrine dedicated some time each day to identifying relevant accounts and connecting with those accounts in order to grow Mercury’s audience organically.

Peregrine ran a LinkedIn campaign to promote Mercury’s video content.

Peregrine Created content on a weekly basis that would be useful and informative for Mercury’s target audience. This consisted of educational video content, expert commentary, positive coverage, industry news, events & awards posts.


There was an increase in Twitter followers of 479% over 12 months.


There was an increase in LinkedIn followers of 101% over 12 months.


In the month Peregrine took over Mercury's LinkedIn, the account gained 11,974 impressions and engagements. In the most recent month Mercury gained 16,898. An increase of 41%.


In the month Peregrine took over Mercury's Twitter, the account gained 4,318 impressions and engagements. In the most recent month, the account gained 12,133. An increase of 181%.


When Peregrine setup two LinkedIn campaigns to promote Mercury's video content there was a total of 2,349 impressions, and 70 click throughs to the website for both campaigns. A CTR (click through rate) of 2.98%. 8x higher than the average CTR.

“We have been working with the Peregrine team since early 2014 and have made significant progress in terms of brand identification and development in this time. Their asset management expertise combined with creative thinking have helped us to refine our firm’s messaging to investors via multiple channels. Through these activities, Peregrine have very ably helped us raise our brand image and presence in Europe. The support of the team has been a major asset to EI Sturdza over the past two years!”

Adam Turberville
Head of Marketing & Client Relations
EI Sturdza