ASEAN IM - Digital PR

ASEAN IM - Digital PR

Asean Investment Management, the boutique investment management group focused on Asia, engaged Peregrine to implement a digital PR strategy.

Peregrine determined which channels were the most relevant and worked with the principals to develop the messaging to resonate with their target audience.


To create a social media strategy and develop the right messaging for the target online audience.

Create Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to increase the client’s social media presence and reach the target audience of key journalists, industry publications and investors.

Provide monthly analytics which show the effectiveness of social media and set objectives for the next month.

To reach 100 followers on both Twitter and Facebook within three months.

Key Activities

Created a presence on social media channels that was consistent with ASEAN’S existing brand image.

Peregrine created new social media content on a weekly basis by using existing written materials and media interviews. This content was then posted daily, at optimal times.

Peregrine’s design team created social media banners which were used to support the content visually.

Monitored social media channels for follower activity, encouraging engagement with followers and fans.

Produced a social media log and dashboard to analyse impressions, reach and engagement. From the analytics, we derived a social media strategy and recommendations for ASEAN.

Social media links were integrated into newsletters to further promote the platforms.


On Twitter, ASEAN gained 130 followers over three months, received 11,100 impressions over four months, and had profile visits from 217 people in the space of a single month.

On Facebook, ASEAN gained 100 page likes, 2,553 reaches, and 99 fans over a three-month period.

Through these social media accounts, Peregrine has increased the brand awareness, SEO, and online presence of ASEAN.

ASEAN has reached a new audience, gaining exposure to potential investors and key journalists, and can distribute company news more widely.