JPEL Private Equity Limited (JPEL) - Fund Launch

JPEL Private Equity Limited (JPEL) - Fund launch cover

To create awareness of JPEL (as distinct from BSPEL) among the investment community.


To create awareness of JPEL (as distinct from BSPEL) among the investment community.

To differentiate JPEL from its peers in the listed private equity fund sector.

To create positive recommendations about JPEL in the investment press and among share tipsters working for the nationals.

To highlight the change in ownership of JPEL, and to present the news in a positive way.

To emphasise JPEL’s key attributes - its investment in secondaries; its lesser discount; its profitability and potential; its investment strategy - as differentiating characteristics.

To brief key analysts and to organise calls between them and principals of JPEL.


To control - as much as possible - the tone and angle of the news of the JPEL launch, we gave the story exclusively to the FT and organized an interview for the reporter with JPEL’s principals.

Organised target press interviews with to key financial papers, the investment press and the specialised fund trades.

Identified target analysts for one-to-one briefings and interviews with the principals of JPEL, then circulated the resulting recommendations to press.


  • Successfully launching the fund
  • Successfully managing the share price due to positive market perceptions
  • All analyst reports recommended JPEL as a buy
  • All coverage was on message
  • Positive measured investor perceptions
  • JPEL’s share price began to rise and the discount narrowed.

The capital raising was an unqualified success, with the firm raising $93m, almost double the $50m target. A recent piece in Times Tempus column was followed by another 20% increase in the share price. JPEL now has the narrowest discount in the private equity sector.