VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund (VOF) - International PR Support

VinaCapital Vietnam opportunity fund (VOF) - International PR Support

VinaCapital, the leading asset management, investment banking and real estate consulting firm in Vietnam, engaged Peregrine to raise the profile of its flagship Vietnam Opportunity Fund.

The international media campaign focused on communicating to key investor audiences in the UK, Europe and the US as well as liaising with existing shareholders.


An on-going media campaign to profile the fund so that it is strongly associated with investing in Vietnam amongst the client’s key audiences in the UK, Europe and the US.

To strengthen investor relations which should, in turn, contribute towards increasing the share price.

Fulfil domestic and international obligations by communicating with shareholders, analysts, and institutional investors and, at the same time, to explain the company news to the markets.

Key activities

Communicating company news to the markets by drafting and disseminating RNS updates.

Liaising with brokers to complete a successful press release regarding the fund’s migration to the LSE’s main market.

Securing coverage of the announcement by distributing the press release to the target media and arranging top tier interviews for VOF’s spokespeople, including A-list publications.


Established media relationships with the target Tier 1 media outlets, i.e. The FT, Money Observer and Investors Chronicle.

Peregrine managed to secure extensive coverage following the announcement of the VOF’s move to the LSE main market in reputable publications, such as the Telegraph and MoneyWeek.

Since getting listed on the LSE, VOF share price increased by 12.29%.