EI Sturdza - Email Marketing

EI Sturdza - Email marketing

Peregrine was briefed to develop a series of corporate messages for EI Sturdza that were then used to as the basis of a communications strategy to raise the bank’s profile, particularly amongst European investors.

Peregrine were also tasked with applying these to a wider marketing campaign including an email campaign that included the design of templates and management of the distribution list.


Develop an email marketing strategy that is part of the wider integrated marketing communications plan.

Create both standard and customised email templates that reflect the brand image.

Manage EI Sturdza’s main email distribution list.

Actively engage and target both existing and potential clients, increasing lead generation and website traffic.


Analysed EI Sturdza’s requirements and provided the optimal platform for email newsletters, which was set up and integrated with specialist CRM software.

Managed EI Sturdza’s email distribution list by removing 4,000 invalid email addresses and then segmenting the remaining list by specially devised groups, in order to tailor content by audience.

Peregrine built and designed both standard and customised email templates which were used for informational and promotional purposes. These templates accommodated a wide array of content, including weekly and daily share price reports, monthly factsheets, event invitations, and fund launches.

Peregrine performed ongoing analysis of the impact of the newsletters, in order to refine each campaign and improve future engagement.


For EI Sturdza, Peregrine established a unified platform that serves multiple purposes: email distribution, in-depth analysis, an understanding of both the client’s trends and needs, and giving support to sales activities.

In 2015, 26% of all brand impressions came from email newsletters.

In 2015, 20% of all website traffic came from email newsletters.

The email campaigns engagement ratio reached up to 50%.

Following Peregrine’s marketing communications services, total AUM increased from $1.8bn to $2.8bn.


“We have been working with the Peregrine team since early 2014 and have made significant progress in terms of brand identification and development in this time. Their asset management expertise combined with creative thinking have helped us to refine our firm’s messaging to investors via multiple channels. Through these activities, Peregrine have very ably helped us raise our brand image and presence in Europe. The support of the team has been a major asset to EI Sturdza over the past two years!”

Adam Turberville
Head of Marketing & Client Relations
EI Sturdza