EI Sturdza - Search Engine Optimisation

EI Sturdza - Search engine optimisation

EI Sturdza commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute a search engine optimisation programme to support wider marketing efforts. The process includes submission to major search engines of relevant descriptions and keywords to target Sturdza’s intended audiences.


To ensure that the website is search engine optimised (SEO) in order to improve the site’s position in search listings.

Key Activities

Relevant and useful content was created, for use on both the website and other digital channels, focusing on words and phrases most commonly searched for by the targeted audience.

The website was optimised to maximise SEO and written in semantic and clean HTML.

Peregrine improved and created heading tags, descriptions for links, fall-back text and accurate descriptions for images. A list of pre-identified key words in the metadata of the website have been included.

Following the initial optimisation, Peregrine have consistently added new and relevant content.


Following Peregrine’s marketing communications services, total AUM has increased from $1.8bn to $2.8bn.

The website has had 36,314 sessions this year, demonstrating a 225% year-on-year (YoY) increase.

There have been 22,132 new users this year, making up 61% of all visitors, showing the effectiveness of SEO in driving people to the website.

A 270% increase in YoY users.

A 579% increase in organic search sessions after the first three months.

The SEO succeeded in achieving a higher listing for the website on Google and other search engines.


“We have been working with the Peregrine team since early 2014 and have made significant progress in terms of brand identification and development in this time. Their asset management expertise combined with creative thinking have helped us to refine our firm’s messaging to investors via multiple channels. Through these activities, Peregrine have very ably helped us raise our brand image and presence in Europe. The support of the team has been a major asset to EI Sturdza over the past two years!”

Adam Turberville
Head of Marketing & Client Relations
EI Sturdza