Northstar - Marketing collateral

Northstar - Marketing collateral

Peregrine worked with Northstar, the investment plan provider, to refine its branding and unify its marketing materials. Peregrine developed a single look and feel which was then applied to brochures, factsheets and other marketing materials.

Peregrine also centralised the production and translation processes.



To redesign all marketing materials with the purpose of creating a warm, distinctive and cohesive identity to promote the Northstar brand.


Peregrine refreshed the Northstar logo to improve legibility and remove inconsistency.

Humanised, relatable images and shades of orange were introduced to the marketing materials in order to produce warmer layouts.

Using the Northstar icon as a starting point, Peregrine created layout treatments in-keeping with the logo's geometrical shapes and diagonal lines.


The client was very pleased with the refreshed branding and re-designed collateral. Northstar are now working to develop exciting future projects in partnership with the design team.