Quality Capital Management - Thought Leadership

Quality Capital Management - Thought leadership

Quality Capital Management (QCM), the UK-based hedge fund specialising in managed futures, engaged Peregrine to position the principals as thought leaders.

Peregrine worked with QCM to determine a number of relevant topics and placed the contributed articles in publications which appealed to their investor base.


To position Quality Capital Management (QCM) as thought leaders by presenting their investment thinking through contributed articles published in the key media outlets.


As part of the messaging process, Peregrine came up with six different topics for contributed articles that could be placed in targeted publications, over a one-year period.

The topics suggested included the transition from traditional trend-following to Systematic Macro, adapting to the unknown and aligning to key economic/macro themes, and the pursuit of risk premia, as well as topics based around QCM's ethos and structure.

Peregrine provided an outline and structure for each article, which QCM then wrote. After receiving the first draft, Peregrine provided feedback and various edits to ensure that the required messages had been included.


Four of the suggested topics were selected and crafted into articles, and all four of these articles have been successfully published in key target publications Pensions & Investments, Investment Europe, Hedge Fund Journal, and Portfolio Institutional.

The firm started forming a thought leadership presence within the investment audience, internationally.

Published articles were used as part of the integrated marketing communications strategy, including distribution to current and prospective clients, promotion via social media, and placement on the company’s website.