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Sector Asset Management engaged Peregrine to help support the launch of a new fund. The project involved the development of a set of key messages to highlight the fund’s multi-factor approach and formalising these in marketing materials.


The launch of a new fund, likely to become the firm’s flagship – core component to firm-wide advancement.

A “quantamental” strategy, where the richness of the Fund’s multi-factor approach had to be articulated without unnerving investors with concepts like “quant” and “factor risk premium” – had to describe the strategy without using terms associated with the concept.

With Sector based in Continental Europe, needed to work remotely, mainly via webinars.

Production of a pitch-book as well as a two-pager – hence the need to shape and articulate the same messages differently, given the different purpose and format of the two documents.

Key targets include pension funds, wealth managers and IFAs, via relevant media channels and directly to investment trust analysts.


Analysis of the Fund’s existing material:

  • Two research papers describing the Fund’s approach/strategy;
  • First draft pitchbook prepared by the Fund’s lead Portfolio Manager.

Restructuring the original slides in logically sequential steps, with the aim of “funneling” the audience through a forceful and insightful argument:

  • Going through pitchbooks frequently, we find information which, we believe, should belong to other slides. As such, we rearrange content and slides within the presentation so that the argument flows seamlessly.
  • We do our utmost to preserve the content’s original preciousness and the firm’s characteristics.

Given the technical nature of the topic, considerable effort went into ensuring a comprehensible yet consistent level of complexity across the presentation.

To minimize the risk of investors’ push-back, due to the perceived complexity of the investment approach/strategy, the presentation was predicated on Sector’s multi-layered risk management methodology – emphasizing the Fund’s relative safety.


Peregrine has been allocated additional projects due to the success of the presentation revision from a tangible business development standpoint.


“Peregrine helped us to extract and articulate the key attributes of our investment approach, in terms which were suitable to our target audience, and shape them for both the pitch-book and the two-page teaser. A result which would have not been possible without their technical expertise.”

J. Peter Andersland
Co-Founder and CEO
Sector Asset Management