Asean Investment Advisors - Video

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Asean Investment Management, the boutique investment management group focused on Asia, engaged Peregrine to devise a video to highlight the group’s approach to deep value investing in Asia.

Peregrine’s in-house team ensured that the content delivered the company’s values and adopted the right tone of voice for the audience.

Asean Investment Advisors


Peregrine Communications were commissioned by Asean Investment Advisors to produce a thought-leadership piece on their approach to deep, deep value investing in the emerging markets of Asia.

The piece to camera highlighted the importance of mispriced markets, Asean's research, and the opportunities that companies can provide to early investors.

Key Activities

Peregrine worked with Asean’s CEO & CIO on messaging and scripting their talk on the subject of deep value investing.

Once the messaging was shaped into a script to appeal to Asean’s audience, our in-house design team created graphics and a storyboard to support and complement the message.

We maintained the graphic elements in line with Asean's brand guidelines, previously created by Peregrine.

Peregrine also incorporated music, along with the audio to create a more dynamic and engaging media. The final video was supplied in HD resolution.


The video highlighted Asean’s approach to deep value investing and promoted its philosophy, process and service.

Feedback was very positive from Asean.