Working at Peregrine

Learn fast. Progress faster.

At Peregrine we are building an agency for the future. This means developing a team of the future too.

In the past few years the velocity of communication has gone from the speed of sound to the speed of light. And there are more ways than ever to place your stories in front of target audiences. This is why as well as a deep grounding in financial services knowledge, every single Peregrine is trained how to create and execute integrated multi-channel campaigns alongside their core specialism.

These campaigns are underpinned by Peregrine’s proprietary research, making sure every campaign we create is purpose-built to help our clients achieve their aims. They are also trackable. Every single one of us is able to take pride in knowing that the work we do is designed to have an impact.

“Every single one of us is able to take pride in knowing that the work we do is designed to have an impact.”

Because delivering results comes first and foremost, we go all out to make sure that we never do anything just because it’s “the way we’ve always done it.” This approach works because every member of the team is empowered to share their unique point of view, it only works because all our conversations are open, honest and non-hierarchical.

If you want to:

Learn fast. Work smarter. Treat every campaign as a new challenge. Do more work you’re proud of. Future-proof your skills, work right alongside some of the most experienced, senior people in our industry. Then get in touch to find out if you have what it takes to be a Peregrine.

Reasons to Join

Future proof

We will ensure that you become an integrated communications professional, with strong digital expertise.

Future proof


You will learn fast because with our flat, one team structure, you will be given as much responsibility as you can handle, but with full access to all of the media, creative and digital expertise in Peregrine.


The very best

With our commitment to constant learning and best practice research, you can be sure that you will benchmark against the very best.

The very best


It’s exciting and challenging work but we have fun, it’s a great place to work, with a sense of humour!


Hannah Beard

Account Director

“From the moment I walked through the door, it was like I had worked here for five years. There was no ‘settling in period’ as such, no politics to be aware of, nothing that really made it challenging to start with that you often find in a new role, that you have to navigate and fit-in around. It meant I could get on with my job so much quicker. We’re a tight-knit team that’s open to letting new people in.”
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Hannah Beard Interview

Alexander Layzell-Payne

Digital Account Manager

“The content is really engaging in digital because we are not promoting financial services as a product: it is winning new audiences through engaging thought leadership content and culture”
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Alexander Layzell-Payne Interview

Marina Fraser Harris

Associate Director

"Without doubt, the best part of my job is immersing myself in a messaging workshop - drilling through generic messages to find out what really makes our clients different."
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Marina Fraser Harris

Aryna Kastavetskaya

Associate Director

“I have found the confidence within myself to speak up and lead debates in boardrooms with 10 senior executives – often all male - and be listened to. Overcoming that fear was important to me and something that I’ve found is harder to do as woman, but it is possible.”
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Aryna Kastavetskaya

Our Values

We believe that specialist knowledge, strategic rigour and creativity power growth.

With our clients and our people at our core, we live these values:

  • Creating a culture of ideas and curiosity, where everyone belongs.
  • Aspiring to excellence, and benchmarking success as we make an impact in all we do.
  • Everyone is a leader, challenging the status quo and moving the needle.
  • Being open and honest with each other and our clients, communicating with humility, empathy and selflessness.

Brilliant work only happens together.


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