IMQubator - Content Marketing

IMQubator - Content marketing

IMQubator, one of Europe’s leading seeding platforms, approached Peregrine to build interest in emerging managers. Peregrine worked on refining IMQubator’s corporate messaging and transforming these into an effective content marketing campaign around thought leadership and expert commentary.

Peregrine also undertook training for the principals to ensure they were comfortable dealing with the media.


To convey the case for emerging managers, as well as clear up the common misunderstandings surrounding seeding investment managers.

To be perceived by peers/prospects as the industry’s foremost alternatives platform, nurturing the very best talent in an institutional framework.

To build out a presence and achieve brand awareness in key global geographies.

Key Activities

Developed corporate messages differentiating the firm from its peers (as well as addressing the company’s business objectives).

Coached principals in message delivery and techniques for dealing with the media.

Delivered expert commentary to all prominent institutional investor read publications.

Placed corporate profiles within all leading European media outlets, emphasising the firm’s competitive edge.

Undertook tailored and targeted brand and asset raising campaigns, spearheaded by press announcements targeting the institutional investment community.

Produced contributed articles conveying the investment case for early-stage managers.


IMQ is seen by the market as a top three European seeding specialist.

Jeroen Tielman, IMQ’s CEO, is perceived as an authoritative voice from a seeding/emerging manager standpoint.

The firm/Jeroen has been exhaustively written about in all major media outlets.


“Peregrine is the perfect PR agency match for IMQubator as a seeder of hedge funds. The Peregrine team has a superior understanding of what we are doing and delivers with an unrivalled drive and passion.”

Jeroen M. Tielman
Founder & CEO