EI Sturdza - Media Planning and Buying

EI Sturdza - Media planning and buying

EI Sturdza commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute an advertising campaign across Europe to celebrate the 10th anniversary of EI Sturdza and highlight the recent performance of their flagship fund.

Peregrine worked with our strategic partner, White Spider, to arrange strategic partnerships with key publishers and Peregrine’s in-house design team created a series of visuals to achieve the campaign’s objectives.


Product profile raising; expose the anniversary and great performance of the EI Sturdza fund to the Swiss, French, and German finance audience and prospective clients.

To get the ‘cut through’ needed, within a given time period and budget, to the specific wholesale and investor audience.

To generate brand exposure and to drive traffic to the website, as part of the wider integrated marketing communications campaign.


Arranged strategic partnerships with key publishers.

Selected specific supplements to achieve the perfect brand association, using a specially-tailored schedule.

Specific advert sizes and positions were selected to give great stand-out and to achieve the client’s objectives/goals.

The use of a cross-medium campaign to ensure that all key touch points were utilised.


The desired brand recognition and cut through was achieved within the time period and budget assigned.

Brand association was achieved through, for example, the partnering-up with Bilan Top 300 rich list and Finanz und Wirtschaft FONDS.

Over the one-month period, Peregrine generated 366 page hits that came as a direct result of the campaign. There was also a large volume of impressions delivered (54,621).

EI Sturdza received numerous free ads/heavily discounted prices as a result of Peregrine and Whitespider relationships in the field, saving a total of £5,200.


“We have been working with the Peregrine team since early 2014 and have made significant progress in terms of brand identification and development in this time. Their asset management expertise combined with creative thinking have helped us to refine our firm’s messaging to investors via multiple channels. Through these activities, Peregrine have very ably helped us raise our brand image and presence in Europe. The support of the team has been a major asset to EI Sturdza over the past two years!”

Adam Turberville
Head of Marketing & Client Relations
EI Sturdza