Firebreak Capital - Messaging

Firebreak Capital - Messaging

Firebreak Capital, a private debt hedge fund, required a brand strategy in the run-up to launch. Peregrine worked with the principals at Firebreak to define the brand story and then used the messaging for the website, corporate presentation and website.

A media campaign was also implemented around the launch itself which led to widespread coverage and interest.


Define the brand story/DNA of a start-up investment management company, in preparation for its launch, and utilise this messaging for website, corporate presentation and marketing collateral.

Pre-emptively address the fact that the founders are sell-side professionals with no experience in buy-side, and effectively dispel negative connotations that this would have with investors.

Articulate the effectiveness of transferring their systematic approach from the liquid space (the natural environment of the approach) to the illiquid space, while also addressing the challenges posed by such a transfer.

Key Activities

Definition of the company’s brand/DNA and related differentiating messages. To optimise these, Peregrine took measures such as interviewing the founding partners and analysing the pitch-book that they had drafted.

Centred the brand on the firm’s innovative business model, told via Firebreak’s investment story, positioned within the wider financial markets context.

Positioned founders’ experience on the sell-side as the best possible foundation for their buy-side venture.

Given the technical nature of the topic, considerable effort went into ensuring a comprehensible, yet consistent, level of complexity across the presentation.

Corporate presentation: restructuring of the original slides with the aim of ‘funnelling’ the audience through a forceful and insightful argument.


The corporate presentation, which is sent to prospective investors ahead of meetings, has opened many doors for the Firebreak team. By providing an insightful and informative overview, the team walks into a ‘warm room’, providing a foundation for a more advanced conversation.


“Peregrine has played an integral role in establishing and developing our brand identity as a start-up business. Their specialist knowledge is providing more and more crucial insights as we ready for launch. The Peregrine team’s enthusiasm, drive and entrepreneurial qualities have been invaluable as we seek to establish our company.”

Robert Allard
Founder and CEO
Firebreak Capital