Over ten years we have supported Allspring as they expand their brand outside the US and through some very important - and transformative - strategic moments including CEO changes, an acquisition, re-naming and re-brand.​

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This is the best asset manager that nobody really knows much about. I think that’s going to change.
Institutional Investor

Establishing Allspring’s competitive advantage

The acquisition of Wells Fargo Asset Management (and subsequent rebrand to Allspring) was one of the largest asset management transactions in a decade. Any transaction involves telling a complex story to a wide range of stakeholders. And even more so when the company in question is a very well known financial services firm. During the initial deal announcement and subsequent deal close, Allspring was able to tell a simple an effective truth: this was a transformational deal at a transformational moment for the industry.

The Challenge

Assess the market and competitive landscape

The Opportunity

Define ‘the why’ and the opportunity for distinctive positioning

The Edge

What are the capabilities that enable Allspring to deliver their edge

Measuring how well an independent Allspring advantage resonated within the sector.

In the US, the 4th highest ranked link on Wells Fargo Asset Management’s Google Page 1 is the Institutional Investor profile, resulting from our strategy to insert WFAM’s narrative into the media narrative through interviews with Joe. ​

These are the first things audiences searching for WFAM will come across – and crucially it articulated the positive messaging developed to tell WFAM’s side of the story.

The announcement of WFAM’s acquisition yielded 47 pieces of media coverage worldwide.

As a 'start up at scale' Allspring becomes one of only two $500bn AUM plus managers with true independence. Allspring owned this narrative, controlling its online perception and building a new brand from scratch.

Brand Positioning

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