EI Sturdza - Marketing and Communications

Peregrine was briefed to develop a series of corporate messages for EI Sturdza that were then used as the basis of a communications strategy to raise the bank’s profile, particularly amongst European investors.

Peregrine were also tasked with rebranding EI Sturdza and applying the brand to a new website, marketing materials and advertising.

EI Sturdza


To position the firm outside Switzerland to institutional and wholesale investors and raise its profile across Europe.

Create a new brand image including: messages, logo, website, marketing collateral, social media platforms, print and digital advertising.


We work with the EI Sturdza team to create a new set of corporate messages.

High-impact media opportunities for key portfolio management teams created across Europe.

Design and develop the new website.

Create print and digital adverts promoting the brand and the key funds.

Arrange commercial collaborations for educational webcasts and video appearances which led to new business leads and content creation.

Establish platforms for email newsletter distribution.


Traffic referrals to the new website increased by more than 100% in the first six months since the website launch. 25% of the referrals came from the email newsletters created by Peregrine.

More than 200 pieces of coverage achieved during the first year including regular commentary on the French bond market.

Social media accounts were designed and set up from scratch. During the first six months key social media platforms have gained more than 200 followers.

Educational webcasts generated more than 2,613 qualified sales leads in the first seven months of 2015.