PivotalPath – Website Development

PivotalPath, a new model (2.0) investment consultancy, were looking to completely redesign and develop an engaging new website to match their revolutionary model.


To completely redesign PivotalPath’s online presence, and bring their website up to date to reflect the innovative and unique qualities of their existing PivotalBase platform. PivotalBase offers investors the ability to analyse funds and their performance using highly complex algorithms developed by PivotalPath.

The website needed to reflect this, whilst also adding a hint of “startup” to the design to appeal to their target demographic.


Peregrine’s first step was to spend time understanding PivotalPath’s buinsess model and investigate the PivotalBase platform. As the PivotalBase tool was not undergoing a redesign, it was essential that Peregrine’s offering was consistent.

Following a creative session, wireframes were submitted which followed 3 principles; angles, triangles and clean lines. The main concept was to deliver a website which spoke instantly of the technological advancements made by PivotalPath – that was accomplished through the use of a tessellated triangular pattern which when placed over photography created an engaging set of images. These images were used as the main items at the top of each page, and instead of using more traditional horizontal dividers for the various subsections we used a powerful angled divider.

The diagonal section dividers create a pattern interrupt; investors are very used to interacting with websites that use traditional perpendicular arrangements. By challenging them in this way we were able to convey the non-traditional, yet bold, dynamic and creative approach of PivotalPath. It’s a very striking effect.

Elsewhere, the website makes use of bespoke icons, geometric triangular patterns and a typeface which covers the legibility needs of a range of screen sizes.

The website was built on a custom CMS, designed to meet the content needs of the client. We worked together with their in-house IT team to ensure security needs were met, and supported them in their server set up.


In one of our proudest design projects to date, we had overwhelming positive client feedback.

Since launch we’re seeing impressive analytics, from bounce rates of below 45% to an average of 5 pages per session, showing that users are engaging highly with the new design.