Should you be pushing your 'Alpha Olympians'? Anthony Payne quoted in HFMWeek


Peregrine CEO, Anthony Payne, was quoted in HFMWeek discussing whether investors are becoming tired of the cult of personality that dominates the hedge fund industry.

The article, “Time to stop keeping it personal?”, discusses how the creation and cultivation of a personal and individual mystique around a founder has often been used as a tactic to attract investors over the years.

Investors looking to boutique hedge funds for alpha still usually expect this to come from an individual rather than a brand, according to Anthony Payne, CEO of Peregrine Communications Group. A firm’s edge or DNA is more often than not derived from one person, an “alpha Olympian” who has experience in a certain opportunity set or personal relationships with other entities and people in the market, he said.

“We go through a process [with managers] to develop their story – what is the market opportunity set, what are the special drivers here that are relevant and how will they take advantage of this?”

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