Peregrine Launches New Website, Logo Type and Brand Identity

peregrine launches new website

Today we launched our new website and branding to coincide with our 10th birthday. Our Peregrine has grown up and now has feathers and is in full vibrant colour!

Our logo type is also more reflective of the energy, shape and movement of our Peregrine. Our mantra is also new: ‘Communicate. Words. Pictures. Actions’. It is designed to communicate our belief in the power and efficacy of integrated communications – and the full range of capabilities we are able to deliver to our clients.

The brand identity and website project is headed by Anthony Payne, Founder, Group CEO and Alan Pitchforth, Head of Creative.

Key collaborators included Mick Brownfield who created the illustrations of the Peregrine, Clay Sinclair who created much of the original artwork in the site, Henry Rolls and team at AsDescribed for their work on the Peregrine animation, and the team at iWeb, especially Nick Pinson.

“Our Peregrine has grown up and now has feathers and is in full vibrant colour!”

The site has been specifically developed to show what we mean by Communicate. Words. Pictures. Actions.  We did this by including examples of our work with clients and by using strong energetic design and original artwork throughout.

The website also had to demonstrate cutting edge functionality, working on all platforms and fully integrating with all relevant social media channels. We also incorporated relevant applications such as Issuu, Vimeo and Disqus in order to better showcase our work or to improve interactivity.

Please visit our new site at Anyone signing up for news will be entered into our prize draw and there will also be prizes for anyone who spots our old logo in the new site (first 5!).