Online but off-message?

Online but off-message?

Peregrine Communications launched its inaugural report on asset managers’ online presence in an event at London’s Ivy Club earlier this week.

The report, entitled ‘Online but Off-Message? Digital Presence and Content Management in the Asset Management Industry’ presented findings based on over 12 months’ of research and collaboration with statisticians from Columbia University (NYC).

The report’s findings were presented by Peregrine Director, Alan O’Sullivan while CEO, Anthony Payne, offered some remarks on solutions to the most prevalent problems identified in the report.

The report analysed the digital media presence of 100 asset managers across the US, UK, and Europe and quantified how well firms were engaging with investors. Analysis of digital presence is often confined to qualitative anecdotes and impressionistic evidence. By contrast, our report assigned firms a rating on a scale of 0 to 43 calculated through careful statistical analysis.

Click here to download the report.