Comparing IMC Marketing in the Asset Management Industry

Marketing Asset Management connected content report

Following our 2018 report on how the top 50 private equity firms in the UK promote their business digitally, this report examines how well the asset management industry performs across the spectrum of IMC activities.

The key message from this study is that while the majority of asset management firms are now integrating digital into their marketing communications, few are truly leveraging engaging content and leveraging across all their channels.


While many firms may excel in one or two IMC activities, very few perform well across each marketing channel, showing that there is still no settled best practice for integrated communications.

This study also defines a ‘best practice group’ which provides some important initial insights into best practice. It will also provide an important engine for further qualitative study.

This report discusses the following questions:

  • What lessons can be gleaned from the best practices of leading asset management firms?
  • Across which communication channels are asset managers most proficient
  • What are the ‘low hanging fruit’ improvements that most asset managers could make today?
  • Is an asset manager’s AUM a dominant factor in predicting how well a firm will perform in integrated marketing communications?
  • If so, which metrics show the strongest correlation to asset managers’ size?
  • Is there any correlation between the individual marketing channels? i.e. is there one metric which could be called ‘fundamental’ to the rest?
  • Which social media channels are asset managers using most and what sort of content are they providing?
  • Is there a significant relationship between asset managers’ integrated marketing communications and the level of media positive sentiment they receive over time?
  • Are asset managers providing valuable thought leadership and educational content?

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