Peregrine USA hosts inaugural US branding workshop in NYC

US Branding Workshop by Peregrine Communications

Peregrine’s New York team hosted a branding and lead generation workshop for hedge fund and alternative managers, which was held at their Fifth Avenue, New York office.

Peregrine Group CEO Anthony Payne and Max Hilton, Director at Peregrine USA, led the interactive workshop on how managers can, and should be optimizing their visibility with target investors. The discussion was also aided by the expertise of Mark McGoldrick, Managing Director at Concept Capital Markets and Daniel Viola, Partner at Sadis & Goldberg.

Key Takeaways

Given the industry’s new era of transparency, investors on both sides of the Atlantic expect managers to provide a degree of explanation as to how they manage money, and are increasingly turning to a firm’s brand and digital profile for due diligence.

Luckily, today’s analytics show us which branding tactics work (and indeed, don’t work) in order to successfully reach your target investors to turn a first meeting into a second, with the ultimate goal of raising and retaining assets.

“A clear brand message and specialist storytelling with differentiated design are a key part of what we deliver to clients. The science is all about fully integrating activities across all channels and providing centralized and detailed analytics on which parts of marketing are working – and which are not. We’ve done some innovative creative work that has translated very well as advertising, which in turn drives awareness and leads. Telling the story and proving that it works is the art and science of what we can offer,” explains Hilton.

Peregrine’s New York office will hold branding workshops for managers every six weeks. If you would like to be added to the list for the next event, or have any questions or topic areas for discussion at the next event, please email Max Hilton.