Peregrine Perspectives: Discussion on Listed Credit

listed credit discussion peregrine perspectives

The first in a series of Perspectives roundtables was held at the Ivy Club, with this inaugural event focused on listed credit. The aim of the event was to create an intimate environment where a select number of journalists from key media outlets could get to know the principals on a more personal level than traditional interviews and presentations generally allow for, with a view to establishing a working relationship for future stories.

Two short presentations were given by Tom Skinner, Head of Research at Dexion Capital and Charlotte Valeur, Chair of BH Credit Catalysts Ltd. Tom, an award winning analyst for research in listed alternatives, gave an introduction to listed credit, introducing attendees to the listed loans, high yield, securitization and private lending sectors, as well as possible good entry points to gain exposure to trusts in these areas. Charlotte spoke to attendees on what it means to be invested in BH Credit Catalysts and how the credit instruments the fund is invested in work.