Peregrine Communications Sponsors the Inaugural HedgeBrunch

peregrine sponsors hedge brunch

Peregrine, a financial services PR and design agency, was very proud to sponsor the inaugural HedgeBrunch at The Brompton Club in South Kensington. HedgeBrunch is a one of a kind event, aimed at connecting hedge fund and private equity investment professionals in a social environment.

The first of a regular series of events, HedgeBrunch was an opportunity for investment professionals to meet in an exclusive setting to enjoy brunch, champagne and cocktails. The opposite of a dry networking event, HedgeBrunch mixes work and pleasure, forming social relationships as a platform to establish a long standing business relationship.

The event itself began with an exclusive brunch for around 60 dinner guests, followed by the main party crowd arriving at 2pm. With the champagne flowing, having naturally been opened with a saber, the DJ got the party in full swing. The Brompton club, known for its exclusive and classy feel, did not disappoint as an intimate setting for hedge funders to let their hair down.

“HedgeBrunch is all about capturing the social side of the industry.”

As a specialist hedge fund financial services PR firm, offering a wide array of marketing communications and design services to the industry, Peregrine Communications is a natural companion to HedgeBrunch (Max Hilton, a senior consultant at the firm is a founding ambassador). We look forward to supporting HedgeBrunch as it plans further events to bring out the social side of the hedge fund industry.

What is HedgeBrunch?

HedgeBrunch is the first event of its kind for the finance, hedge fund and private equity networks in London and beyond. Professionals, investors and their friends come together to meet in a luxurious and exclusive settings for brunch, champagne, cocktails and the chance to mix with people from across the space in a relaxed and social environment.

Bringing together a discerning and fun-loving crowd, HedgeBrunch mixes work and play to form the gateway to the social side of alternative investment industry. Hospitality and high-end networking is the order of the day and guests will be able meet with and get to know people from across the space whilst enjoying the luxury, food and drink of premier venues in major financial centres around the world.

Who is HedgeBrunch for?

HedgeBrunch is for those who work in the hedge fund and private equity industry around the globe. Financial professionals, funds, investors, trusted friends and partners are all welcome to attend.

HedgeBrunch focuses on bringing people in these industries together to get to know each other, build relationships and enjoy themselves in a private and relaxed setting – but it’s a social occasion, not a conference, so guests are welcome too.

HedgeBrunch are careful to maintain the integrity of HedgeBrunch attendance, avoiding dilution of our core attendance of funds and investors, so all guests are required to submit a small amount of professional information to ensure we know how they relate to the industry. We trust our guests and rely on their honesty and discretion in attending our events. Please contact Headbruncher if you have any particular requests or questions about event attendance at past or future events alike.

For further information and ticket purchase, visit the HedgeBrunch website