Hedgeweek: Peregrine USA Recognised in Best North American PR Firm Category

North America pr firm

Although Peregrine only established a US office in New York 14 months ago, the firm has been recognised by readers of Hedgeweek as the runner up Best North American Public Relations Firm for Hedge Funds.

Peregrine CEO Anthony Payne said: “We have been engaged with US media since 2002 but it was important for us to be on the ground in New York, the World’s hedge fund capital! We are delighted that Hedgeweek readers have shown their support by voting for us and we hope we will deserve to be voted winner next year!”

Since opening doors in the US, Peregrine has worked with clients including RA Capital Management, Firebreak Capital, Argon Capital, Efficient Capital Management, Pine River Capital Management and Peter Knez’s Incapture Investments. The scope of the work has included messaging, US and international media relations, websites, pitchbooks, advertising, events, video and content writing.

Peregrine’s One-Team ethos and structure means that Peregrine has been able to deliver a comprehensive range of marketing services to its clients with Max Hilton, Michael Morales, Mirabel Mintz, Ermanno Mattio, Alan Pitchforth, Tom Wood, Adriano Nunes, Ed Dunn and Peregrine CEO Anthony Payne as the extended client service team.

Asked why Hedgeweek readers believe that Peregrine has something special to offer, Peregrine USA Director Max Hilton said: “We only work with asset management firms and are true specialists. We can help managers communicate their investment edge without dumbing things down to a generic level. It is a challenge for hedge funds to work with communicators who do not have the requisite technical knowledge as they find it very hard to help managers focus on their differentiators and translate those into an effective investment story that works with different audiences, media and channels.”

“In this competitive environment, powerful communication around differentiators and thought leading content has become exponentially more important. This is how we have been helping clients since 2002. We can help managers formulate and tell their investment story, to strongly communicate their edge via their marketing materials including websites, and via the specialist press. We have very strong relationships with key media and understand how best to navigate the media landscape”, he added.

Rob Allard, Founding Partner and CEO of Firebreak Capital, a Peregrine client, said: “Investors expect transparency at a minimum from funds but increasingly they are demanding thought leadership and knowledge transfer from their managers. The managers that embrace and implement that through the various mediums will be the long term winners.”

In addition to start-up funds that need help establishing and developing brand identities, Peregrine works with mid-size firms that need to reassess their market position/perception in order to meet their growth objectives, as well as firms that are looking to increase their European, Middle East and Asia marketing.

Looking ahead Payne concludes: “Since 2002 we have focused all of our efforts and investment on developing a team possessing the range of skills and experience required to help asset managers build their brands by effectively communicating their differentiators, edge and value to relevant investors. I hope that this recognition will encourage managers to get in touch to explore how we can add to their business development plans.”


This article appeared in the Hedgeweek Special Report USA Awards 2015.