The Peregrines Explore the Digital Revolution Exhibition at The Barbican

Digital Revolution exhibition at The Barbican

The astonishing explosion of digital creativity that has emerged over the last four decades was showcased through this interactive tour of digital art installations and exhibition based displays at the Barbican: Digital Revolution.

The festival-style exhibition showcased pioneering artists that are experimenting with digital technology. Visitors were taught how an individual, or a team, can use the latest creative tools to forge innovative experiences in entertainment and business. This is central to what Peregrine delivers through the communications mix of words, pictures and actions.

With the exhibition sprawled across The Barbican, visitors embark on a physically and mentally stimulating journey through sound, video and light instalments that certainly had the Peregrines excited. Across 14 rooms, artists, film makers, designers, game developers, architects and musicians, all contribute to this carnival of digital culture.

Whilst the younger of the Peregrines were fascinated, if not amused, by the very early PCs and video games of the 1970s, everyone was gripped by Chris Milk’s interactive piece, The Treachery of Sanctuary, which combines gesture control with camera technologies to create an enormous installation exploring shadow play. This combination of technology and interaction is at the core of what Peregrine does and the installation reaffirmed the significance of this relationship in achieving results for clients.

Assemblance by Umbrellium, a 3D interactive laser room doused in smoke and eerie synth sounds, was another highlight of the exhibition. The numerous laser light projections move in response to hand movements and can be manipulated into shapes and angles. This seemed to be where the team spent most of their evening, utterly captivated by the installation!

Digital Revolution immersed the team into an interactive world of digitalisation and all eyes were opened to the cutting edge relationship developing between technology and communication. The exhibition, in combining words, pictures and actions to create breakthrough communications, has direct parallels to Peregrine’s mantra. It brought to life the importance of Peregrine’s goal to combine up-to-date technology with unique messaging in delivering results for clients.

One of the pieces that resonated the most with the design team can be viewed below:

Energy Flow, 2012
FIELD. HD Video.
Produced by The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and VICE