The Alts 50 Report 2021

The Alts Report has been created by Peregrine to help clients gain a data-driven understanding of their strategic challenges, provide a roadmap for higher impact marketing in the industry and showcase how firms can take their brands to the next level to stay competitive in an increasingly contested industry.

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of firms saw declining brand awareness over time, the same trend appearing in last year's Global 100

Just over half of managers


scored highly for website effectiveness (6 or higher), comparative to the Global 100 cohort (53%)


of firms scoring an 8 or higher for Share of Voice had a below average media sentiment

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Methodology - A guide to the results

This report analyzes the integrated marketing communications (IMC) performance of the world’s 20 largest private equity and hedge fund managers, as well as the 10 largest Alternative Credit firms, according to Assets under Management (AUM). These were selected using the following criteria:

Firms with a heritage in long-only were screened out to only include asset managers whose primary focus or legacy offering is in the alternatives space.
Firms appearing in IPE’s 2021 Top 500 Asset Managers Survey (All):
  1. Appearing in HFM's Top 100 hedge Funds 2021 (HF and Alt Credit)
  2. Appearing in Private Equity International's PEI 300 (PE)
Brand Awareness

1. Brand Awareness

To formulate our “Brand Awareness” score we utilized the average monthly search volume of each brand. Each firm’s score was then weighted against all the other firms analyzed in the Global 100.

Brand Momentum

2. Brand Momentum

Brand Momentum as a metric is intended to show how well each firm is “cutting through” – i.e. increasing the amount of engaged interest it receives over time.

Share of Voice

3. Share of Voice

Share of Voice ranks firms by how much Tier 1 media coverage they achieved relative to their peers in the rest of the industry over the last twelve months.

Media Sentiment

4. Media Sentiment

Peregrine’s Media Sentiment metric assesses the ratio of positive to negative sentiment achieved by each firm in its media coverage. To ensure robustness of results - given the idiosyncrasies of sentiment analysis tools – multiple sentiment tools were used and scores aggregated.

Google Page 1

5. Google Page 1

Our Google Page 1 ranking was scored against a number of criteria designed to indicate how well a firm “owned” the first page of a Google search for its brand search term.

Social Media

6. Social Media

To tabulate each firm’s Social Media score across each the key platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube – our framework was created to consider individual core aspects of each firm’s performance for reach, engagement, frequency of posting and quality of content.

Search Engine Optimisation

7. Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO score was awarded through banding scores based on the percentage of ‘non-branded’ search traffic directed to firms’ domain sites.

Paid Search

8. Paid Search

Paid Search scored firms based on the amount of estimated traffic generated through their paid search campaign.

Paid Media

9. Paid Media

The Paid Media metric was created to analyze the extent to which firms were deploying a paid advertising strategy.

Website Effectiveness

10. Website Effectiveness

Website Effectiveness is a composite score assessing a firm’s website and its ability to retain viewers and successfully direct investors to areas of interest specific to them.

Top 50 Alternative Asset Managers IMC Ranking

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The Alts Report 2021

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