Crisis Media Communications in a COVID-19 World

Crisis Media Communications in a COVID-19 World image

The Peregrine Webinar Series looks at how communications can be adapted for a COVID-19 world of social distancing and remote communication.

Journalists are operating under unusual constraints and pressures at a time when the news cycle is full of unexpected events and announcements. Such an environment makes it more likely that mistakes in media coverage will happen. Firms need to take precautions and be prepared for when news media reporting involving them is damaging and wrong.

In this third episode of our webinar series we will look at:

  • What can be done to reduce the risk of a crisis developing
  • Steps to take to be ready when a crisis happens
  • How to react when a crisis hits to prevent reputational damage
  • Case studies of successful crisis communications intervention

 Watch the Webinar below:

Download the slides from the presentation here.