5 Key Steps For The Perfect Investment Pitch

5 key steps for the perfect investment pitch banner

Peregrine presents a guide that explains the process of creating a perfect pitch.

Five key ideas behind creating the perfect pitch

  1. The 50-page “leave behind” is different from the visual aids that support your pitch. To be effective, you need to create a relevant, clear and memorable structure which allows the audience to navigate your investment story, remember it and, better yet, repeat it.
  2. A pitch is not an information dump. It’s a process of filtering information down to the points that prove your big idea, your ‘edge’. Think of yourself as a barrister presenting your case to a jury.
  3. The pitch is part of a process. The context for the meeting and its outcome are key. It’s just as important to plan for before and after the pitch as it is to plan for the pitch itself.
  4. Humans are emotional creatures. We make decisions based on gut feeling and rationalise after the fact. This means that you have to connect emotionally with your audience. You must demonstrate passion and excitement about the content of your presentation.
  5. “Go Big or Go Home”. You need to put in the time to tune your ideas and to rehearse your presentation of them. Getting face time with investors is difficult. You can’t waste the opportunity.

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