The ESG Report 2021

Despite an exponential rise in the supply and demand of ESG-related content, there remains a significant gap between what investors are looking for and what asset managers are providing. Only a handful of managers are effectively communicating their contribution to a more sustainable future.

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of the 84 topics assessed in this report are “over-indexed” by the market.

Growth of ESG content has risen by


across Tier 1 media in the past 12 months.


of the top five firms, as ranked by the effectiveness of their communications, grew their contextual ESG brand awareness significantly in 2020 versus only 20% of the bottom five.

Our Approach to Finding "White Space"

To help marketers we created a framework to isolate which themes or topics represent White Space areas where there is demonstrable organic demand and room to build genuine category authority around these topics. This framework helps marketers:


Show which themes within the ESG conversation are over-indexed - i.e. there is more content on these topics than there is organic demand.

White Space Framework


Show which themes within the ESG conversation are under-indexed - i.e. there is less content on these topics than there is organic demand.


Allow marketers to match these themes against their own priorities and core ESG capabilities in order to ensure their content campaigns have maximum impact.

Full White Space Data

Media White Space
Social White Space
-5 0 5

Message Penetration Score (MPS) - The Ranking

When it comes to the regional origin of the most effective communicators in ESG, European dominance is clear cut, making up the entire top ten. Clearer still when overlaying the "White Space" framework to identify which managers built category authority in certain ESG themes (MPS White Space 20).

Rank Company Name MPS MPS White
Space 20
The ESG Report 2021

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