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How the asset management industry can create stronger, clearer, ESG marketing content

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There is a significant gap between content investors are looking for
and the content that managers are providing.

The last 12 months has seen a significant increase in the amount of ESG related content created by asset managers.

In this report we have sought to provide a framework by which asset managers can better contribute to the complex ESG conversation in a more meaningful way, a way that better reflects the interests and needs of investors.

Sustainable assets not just a European story

Globally, sustainable assets were $30.7 trillion at the beginning of 2018, a 126 percent increase since 2012.

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Deluge of ESG marketing content

There has been a 67% increase globally in ESG related content from asset managers across Tier 1 media in the last 12 months.


Where is the conversation most saturated?

34% of the seventy topics assessed in this report are "over-indexed" by the market.

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White Space data

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