The Digital Arms Race in Asset Management

Peregrine’s Best Practice Report is a qualitative, deep-dive follow up to 2018’s Connected Content Report. This year’s report looks at how effectively 100 European asset managers were marketing themselves across their integrated channels. We spotlight some of the hidden behaviours and practices that underpin the performances of asset management’s most effective communicators.


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Last year’s report showed that asset managers were suffering a significant decline in organic search for their brands, with the average firm experiencing a 31% decrease in Google search traffic. Clearly, it is critical for managers to maintain ground with the industry and their peers, which is why Peregrine has focused attention on those best practices which separate the best from the rest in our latest report.


Some key findings include:

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Paid search is the new battleground

Best practice firms have increased their estimated paid search traffic by up to 10 times in 2018, becoming a key battleground of the digital arms race.

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A proactive Google Page 1 strategy can override negative media sentiment

10% of the firms with the strongest GP1s actually managed to maintain a robust GP1 while experiencing negative media coverage.

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Website traffic for asset management firms in non-linear

Traffic (both direct and from search) tends to spike by almost a more than a quarter in October (26%) and almost a third in February (29%) on average.

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‘Pattern interrupt moments’ build brand interest

Most firms experiencing 3 or 4 spikes in Google search for their brand over the course of the year. These pattern interrupt moments typically prompt spikes in search volumes that are 50% larger than the average.

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Thought leadership increases likelihood of positive media sentiment

The firms with the highest ratio of positive media sentiment tended to have a high proportion (30%) of media activity based around thought leadership and corporate strategy / profile pieces.

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