The CEO Report 2023

How the CEOs of the world's largest asset managers cultivate their personal brands.

The report analyses how CEOs at the world’s 150 largest asset management firms use personal branding to communicate their firm's purpose and vision.

Assessing CEO across 5 key metrics, the report looks at personal brand awareness, share of voice, sentiment of Tier 1 media coverage and social media presence.

Emphasizing that fruitful leadership requires an authentic expression of character and firm values, the report highlights the benefits and pitfalls of different leadership styles.

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Succession challenges in numbers:

 in this report have been
in their roles for less than three years.
Over the last year, we have seen
changes in a wide variety of circumstances.
of the CEOs with the highest personal Brand Awareness are founders.

CEO Search Volumes

See how the brand awareness and search volumes of Alternatives and Long Only CEOs compare.



CEO Search Volumes


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Want to know more?

Our goal in this report is to help CMOs and other C-suite members consider how to use communications effectively while seeking to understand how a number of leaders have outperformed.

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