Effective design will create engagement, relevance and drive results


One of the most relevant shifts in financial communications has been the massively growing importance of exceptional design and visualisation.

Whether this is the design of an infographic, a gif, a website, a slide deck, a logo, an advertisement, an investor letter, a webinar, a business card, a LinkedIn post, or a direct mail piece - effective design can create engagement, relevance and drive results.

Communicating complex financial stories, content and narratives across multiple touchpoints and channels, with fast turnarounds, requires an integrated multi-specialist team. You need strategy, analytics, designers, developers, specialist writers and digital and traditional communicators working together, applying best practice process, methodologies and project management tools. This is the capability we have created at Peregrine.

"Design is at the intersection of your brand attributes, your audience needs and your business goals. It is the power to visualise those themes in as simple a way as possible, and that's complex."
Tom Wood
Creative Director