US Asset Manager - IMC Case Study

US Asset Manager – IMC Case Study

A US asset manager commissioned Peregrine to plan and execute an IMC strategy that would bolster their digital presence and showcase their brand in top tier media outlets.


To create a strong online presence for the asset manager by redesigning/optimising their website and cultivating the company’s social media channels.

Increase the firm’s exposure to key media outlets/channels.

Promote the firm’s content across digital platforms.

Promote the Founder and CIO as a thought leader in the macro investing space.


Peregrine created a logo and firmwide design guidelines, which are showcased throughout all marketing materials.

Peregrine created branded business cards for the firm’s employees.

Peregrine designed a website that improved the user journey and enhanced the company’s online presence.

Peregrine inserted the Founder’s macro commentary, both at a strategy and market wide level, in tier one broadcast and print outlets.

Peregrine created content and engaged in daily community building on the firm’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+).

Peregrine used the company’s social media channels to amplify coverage garnered as a result of the media relations strategy.


The company is now highly searchable and has a strong online presence.

Coverage was on message and promoted the firm’s investing edge within the macro strategy.

The asset manager is now a trusted and reliable source for journalists.

There was a 251% increase in followers since Peregrine took over the firm’s social media accounts.


The LinkedIn campaigns Peregrine ran to promote the insights section of the firm's website resulted in an 89% increase in followers and a click through rate which was 4x the average.


In 2018, the US based asset manager received 55 media placements spanning expert commentary, contributed articles, profiles and broadcast appearances. Coverage appeared in Barron’s, Bloomberg, Bloomberg TV, the FT, FT FundFire, The New York Times, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Pensions & Investments and Reuters among others.