The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series – Advertising

The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series – Advertising

The Alan Howard Foundation established the JW3 Speaker Series to educate and entertain through lectures which cover a broad range of intellectual thought, including economics, science, history, politics and the arts.

Peregrine works with clients to formulate advertising campaigns that target readers of specific publications. Our in-house messaging and design teams can then develop campaign messages and creative aspects that resonate with the target audience.

The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series


To produce quality advertisements for each Speaker Series event.

To spread the word about the Speaker Series to the public, and help each event sell out.

To implement a brand building advertising campaign that is part of the wider integrated marketing communications plan.

To formulate effective and powerful campaign messages which engage the target audience.

Increase website and social media traffic.

Key Activities

Carefully planning brand building advertising campaign by assessing and selecting the best opportunities for the client given the provided budget.

Designing advertisements that match the style of the Speaker Series events and website.

Targeting high profile media outlets and placing adverts.


The design team has produced adverts for a wide range of speakers ranging from Nigella Lawson to David Beckham.

The selection of titles offered a fantastic reach to audiences across the UK.

The adverts produced match the style of the events and websites.

The Speaker Series adverts featured in a range of publications including TimeOut, The Jewish Chronicle, The Economist and The Spectator.