Pragma Wealth Management Website

Pragma Wealth Management Website

During the summer months of 2017 Peregrine worked with Pragma Wealth Management, an independent fund manager, with the remit of redesigning their web presence.

Pragma Wealth Management


Pragma's maturity as a firm was fast outpacing their website. Their original website was ostensibly a one-pager, divided into various sections. Peregrine's objective was to totally re-define their website, making it feel more sophisticated and mature. Our aim was to give Pragma some room to grow into.


The first step to this project was a conversation with the Pragma team, during which we were able to identify their key differentiators and their personality. In an increasingly competitive marketplace where design is being adopted at a faster and faster rate, we pride ourselves on injecting personality and individuality into the websites we create.

It was clear that Pragma needed something elegant and sophisticated, but that they shouldn't appear overly institutional and anonymous. As with all our projects we began with wireframes and style tiles; the midpoint between a Moodboard and a full Mockup.

Style tiles allow us to present a combination of typography, colour palettes and button styles to our clients. We can define a common visual language which can then be applied to the wireframes. The main advantage of this workflow is speed; we can very quickly iterate on concepts and style concurrently without the need to apply a design to a full set of web pages.

Another key element to this project was imagery. The photography needed to showcase a high-end lifestyle without feeling too much like a lifestyle magazine and without looking too stock. Photographs sourced from various outlets of different parts of London and Italy give it some personality.

The last piece of the puzzle is the User Experience. Introducing subtle animations and drop shadows gives the website a calming and gentle feeling. Different layouts from page to page also keep the user engaged, creating that crucial pattern interrupt. Too often, we see websites where multiple pages follow the same design, and this can cause users' attention to drop off.

We also developed a Login Area for Pragma. This section was created for Investors where they have access to their documents, fact sheets and other data which needs gating. As with all our projects, the log in area is bespoke to Pragma – this approach means that Peregrine can offer tailored services to all our clients and doesn't limit us from a design or functionality perspective.


The new Pragma website is a unique and elegant solution. It takes Pragma's personality and reflects that in a clean and minimalist website. Using subtle design cues and enticing large photography we feel this is a website which will truly allow the Pragma brand to grow.