Gatemore - Media Relations

Gatemore – Media Relations

Peregrine was briefed to plan and execute a media relations campaign that supported Gatemore Capital Management’s activist stakes in UK-listed companies, French Connection and DX Group.


  • Increase pressure on the Boards of French Connection and DX Group to yield to Gatemore’s demands and increase shareholder value.


  • Peregrine worked with Gatemore to identify the key messages for their activist campaigns.
  • Peregrine developed a national UK media campaign to raise the profile of Gatemore’s activist campaigns, highlighting specific failings in corporate governance at the target companies that had led to a decline in shareholder value.
  • Leveraging letters that Gatemore presented to the Boards of French Connection and DX Group, Peregrine approached national media for exclusive interviews.


  • Peregrine secured 37 media interviews over a 6-month period for Gatemore’s CIO, Liad Meidar. This resulted in 550 pieces of media coverage.
  • Gatemore’s social media following grew eight-fold.
  • Gatemore exited its position in French Connection in July 2017, taking a 44% return.
  • The Board of DX Group, acquiesced to Gatemore’s demands and has agreed to appoint Gatemore’s nominees. The company has begun re-financing discussions with Gatemore, dismissed its CEO and CFO, and is preparing to appoint these newest board members.
  • Liad Meidar was nominated as City AM “Investor of the Year”.