Duet Group - Event Email Design & Build

Duet Group - Event Email Design & Build

Duet Group, the global alternatives investment specialist, engaged Peregrine to re-design their email invitation to promote it’s Frontier Investment Conference.


To redesign Duet’s event email invitation, and build in HTML to be compatible with their Email Delivery platform.


Peregrine’s main approach was to analyse the existing branding and emails previously send out by Duet, and assess how to improve.

A decision was made to change the approach by including a prominent CTA button beneath the introductory text. A bold and attention-grabbing button has been shown to vastly improve conversions – especially via email where users are reticent to having to manually reply to confirm attendance for an event.

The text was carefully laid out, making use of a smaller range of fonts and sizes. This was combined with a dramatic photo of Dubai, giving the recipient a feeling of the pace of change in Dubai which reflected the subject of Frontier Market Investment.

Peregrine built the email in HTML, mindful of the many compatibility requirements of a large range of email clients, testing throughout.


Working closely with the Duet team out in Dubai, Peregrine tailored the email to their needs, staying in constant contact over the period to deliver the email to a highly time sensitive deadline.