The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series – Photography

The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series – Photography

The Alan Howard Foundation established the JW3 Speaker Series to educate and entertain through lectures which cover a broad range of intellectual thought, including economics, science, history, politics and the arts.

Peregrine work on aspects of the events, including invitation and brochure design, photography, advertising, social media and press relations.

The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series


Capture the essence of the speakers in discussion. Photos taken on location at London's Jewish community and cultural centre (JW3).

Create a unified feeling between all photos, with the style to remain in-keeping across print and web platforms.

Deliver high quality images to be used across all collateral.

Key Activities

Designed and perfected a lighting and backdrop set up, and ensured consistency in lighting, framing and focus.

Made sure that individuals felt comfortable, taking as many frames as needed in a variety of poses and angles.

Singled out the best images, individually editing each one to send to client for their selection.

Crafted each photo, as needed, for a variety of uses: online, print, social media, and broadcast.

Took a wide variety of photos with different zooms, lenses and focal points.


A unified and consistent brand image across all channels.

We captured the story of the brand, from the big picture down to the finer details. The images could then be used over several mediums to instantly convey this message, or to support literature.

Photographs were used throughout the website, in printed media (publication covers to editorial content), as well as online social media and advertising.

A visual language which can inform all brand photography going forward.