A-CAP Holdings Website

A-CAP Holdings Website

A-CAP Holdings (Advantage Capital Holdings) is an American company which owns multiple insurance and financial businesses and has offices located in New York and three other states. Peregrine worked with A-CAP to design their website.

A-CAP Holdings


A-CAP’s subsidiary companies already had their own individual websites, so the main challenge was to create a visual language and web presence for the managing company that would unify all the other businesses, and also communicate A-CAP’s broad knowledge and experience in the insurance market.


From the initial kick-off meeting we were able to understand that the main goal for the A-CAP team was to strengthen their brand and prove to potential investors that they are an established American company that does business all over the country. After agreeing on the main content that should be featured, our team worked on improving the messaging tone and how it should be displayed, in order to enable a clear user journey throughout the website.

Alongside with the content development, we also started to define how it should be communicated visually. Building on their original brand identity and institutional colours, we combined the sophistication of the gold colour palette with bespoke mood photography of New York, creating a distinctive visual language. To complement their functional sans-serif font, we selected a more elegant serif font for headlines, matching the tone of the colours and the imagery.


The result is a website that presents A-CAP and its multiple established businesses in a consistent and sophisticated way. We built the website in a way that it can be easily updated by the client, also supplying a training session where we showed them how to use the content management system.

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